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About the Patient Information Zone

Since 2001, tens of thousands of primary care professionals have used GPnotebook for quick and easy access to information to aid clinical decision making – often during consultations with patients.

The new Patient Information Zone extends this core function by providing the clinician with a tool for quickly and easily curating an individualised information pack with a patient, and then sending it directly to the patient’s phone (via WhatsApp) or email inbox.

Alternatively, the details of the chosen patient information materials can be copied to the clipboard for pasting into another communication tool, such as AccuRx.

All the patient information materials included in the Patient Information Zone have been selected and graded for quality in a systematic process. Read more about the content selection process.

The first iteration of the Patient Information Zone was launched in November 2021 to GPnotebook users in the UK. We are currently gathering and evaluating feedback on the site from early users and will be developing both the feature set and the content collection based on this input. We welcome feedback from all users.

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